Make Your Adrenal Fatigue A Reality

The dress playlist or simplifying how the d-r-e SS that I’ve put together is the lifestyle that’s going to help encourage healing and support the body to fully recover my vegan lifestyle and understanding nutrition and eating nutritiously plant-based understanding nutrition deficiencies and what we need in the body is still what exists today yes I had to add meat back into my diet adding just enough to promote restoration and healing in.

adrenal fatigue

The body but not more and not excessively then after I began to gain energy and momentum and feel a lot better I began to move and to move vigorously and that was the end game for me the first weekend that I spent doing yoga and learning martial arts and I didn’t have an adrenal crush I knew that the adrenal fatigue was game over moving the body with vigor and stimulating the cardiovascular system is the quickest sure-shot way to balance.

Your hormones at the same time if your hormones are at a deficiency or an imbalance moving too much and not following up with the healing and restorative lifestyle can only cause the hormonal imbalance to worsen so it’s a very careful balance in the beginning to shift but once you start feeling that shift you begin to know almost moment to moment what your body needs and what it can and cannot do as soon as you begin to move vigorously and.

Then follow up with major restoration and care follow up with that highly nutritious diet never failing to keep your blood Sugar’s balanced through the types of foods that you’re eating healing became super quick and super easy and being able to avoid and anticipate the things that would cause the body to get thrown out of balance was also super clear so I’ve become passionate not only about teaching you guys to move but teaching you how to move if you have imbalances in the body you don’t have to know how much cortisol you produce.

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