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Under a rock not to CBD extract learn about that but that was really the tipping point that was that the paradigm shifting or currents that created a doorway a huge doorway it blew the doors off as a matter of fact for the utilization of medical marijuana and CBDs and cannabis in general when this little girl got national national coverage for months and years really.

You know her reduction of seizures because childhood seizures if you’ve ever witnessed them is just it’s a heart-wrenching heart-wrenching condition but we now know through tremendous amounts of research not not mostly in Europe mostly in Great Britain and and and I’m sorry Israel the the other research of course is now coming out of the US but but tremendous.

Research showing that things like Alzheimer’s and ALS and Parkinson’s and autism autism and children responds beautifully to this any neurological really any neurological condition bipolar depression anxiety all of those kinds of things respond beautifully to this and the side effects of cannabis Oar cannabis in general is almost nil I’m not going to say there are no side effects but practically none and so and and with cannabis especially you really can’t overdose because it does.

Not affect the hind brain at all and because it doesn’t affect the hind brain you can’t get too high or whatever it does it doesn’t affect it it’s same way the THC does Wow so you know when we look at you know all the different disease states that now all this clinical data I like what you said about Europe because you know a lot of people know this but over in Europe.

it’s been Israel in some of these countries and they don’t have the restrictions that the United on on this planet and so they’ve been studying really since the beginning of time and the data and the science is coming out there is where you mark up about all these different disease states.